1,000,000% recommend using Tara as your agent!

Tara’s personal touches paired with Relevate’s processes made selling our home so easy!  We were able to move out of our house, turn all the details of preparing & selling our home over to Tara’s team and focus on settling into our new home.  Shortly thereafter, we were on our way to the closing table.
We were both impressed by how extensively Tara kept in contact with all parties in the sale of our home.  Her ability to track and manage all the moving parts and details while promptly communicating every update along the way, made us feel empowered.  From the initial meetings to the eventual sale of our house, it was an extremely well-managed process.  Tara gave us solid advice, negotiated the contract skillfully, while allowing us to be in the driver’s seat in the selling effort.
Tara’s level of service and attention is first class.  She puts together a personalized game plan for each client and works hard to execute it with great results.  Tara goes all out for each and every client to maximize results while remaining focused on the client’s personal goals which is why we 1,000,000% recommend using Tara as your agent!



I recently sold my home, using Tara as my listing agent and the whole process was AMAZINGLY EASY!  I followed the preparation plan that I...