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Moved 20+times!

Nancy Kern has led an interesting life. She has moved over 20 times in the last 30 years! She has gotten rather good at it with all that practice! Nancy has helped many people through her organization and design businesses.

Mother knows best

 She said that she learned organization at her mother’s knee. Her mother raised 13 children in a small house that never felt cluttered due to her skill in organization and not keeping things that did not bring joy and value to her household. I have seen Nancy’s  home and she practices what she teaches. She is part organizer and part counselor when working with clients. It’s often very difficult for people to let go of their things, even when they want to.

Organization Tip

Put stuff in clear bins, mark what’s in them- always. You can find it when needed, if it’s marked. Store in the garage, or basement. It works for adult stuff too. Simple! Right?


Nancy also does design, staging and shopping for décor for her clients. She isn’t afraid to travel and will drive or fly wherever she is needed. She has clients In Florida, New York, Virginia and here in North Carolina, as well as other parts of the country..


Sometimes she has to mediate between spouses when one wants to keep everything and the other wants to live minimally. She helped one couple solve this problem by having his and her designated areas of their home. Marriage is a compromise! She comes back as often as they want and need her to. 

She has gone into homes and packed, sorted, donated, designed and painted while the client was away. She always encourages people to wait at least a year after losing a spouse before having her come in and make the home “theirs” for a new season of life.

I would highly recommend Nancy to anyone. She is a dynamo and a terrific person.

She may be contacted at:

260-615-6675  mobile