Bo was Our First and Only Choice!

10 years ago I was referred to Bo Burgwyn. As a single mom of 2 kids in school, living in another state, I had very little knowledge of the area. Bo had 1 week to find us a home. He never let me down. MANY emails were exchanged with lots of details on what exactly I was looking for. What needs needed to be met, commute desires, conveniences, etc. When I finally met with Bo, our first adventure was not looking at houses, it was looking at areas. He took the time to show my girls around. Showing them where the malls and museums were; parks and cool events that happen when and where. All along the way narrowing down which area of Raleigh we wanted to live in. Within 3 days I had a house contract and my kids felt excited about the move.
My husband and I recently decided to make a lifestyle change and needed to sell our home. Bo was our first and only choice. We met for coffee and discussed the market to see if it would be feasible at this time to sell.
IT WAS! Bo had an offer on our house THAT evening. His team at Relevate walked us through a quick 30 day closing, helping us with any transitional needs, always being available for questions and Bo personally showed up to  see how we were doing at our yard sale. What other real estate agent would do that?! He genuinely cared about how we were handling the quick sale, offering encouraging words during a hectic time.
Bo Burgwyn bought and sold 3 of my homes in the Raleigh area over the last 10 years. He is a trusted real estate agent with years of experience and extensive knowledge of the surrounding area.
Bo has has become a close personal friend. I trust him for his knowledge of the current market values and the fine details that are associated with buying and selling a home. He took care of all the paperwork and inspections when I couldn’t be present. Trusting in him every time to represent me, not his own agenda. Even when he was the buyer and seller agent.
I personally recommend you meet with Bo and let him show you what he is capable of.
Angie Young


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