Building Community . . . One Beer at a Time

Southern Peak_1Most anyone who knows me, knows I love beer.  I would go as far as to say I was once a beer snob.  I am the girl that can discern certain hop varieties by taste and aroma.  I loved nothing more than a leisurely weekend brunch with a delicious IPA, but nowadays my beer drinking habits look a little different.  Not only is it difficult to do anything that remotely resembles leisure while trying to keep pace chasing an almost 2 year old, but my beer drinking pace has also slowed.  Living in the Triangle there are a host of amazing breweries, and many are “kid friendly”.  However, no brewery has truly built more of a sense of community and welcome with families, furry kids included, than Southern Peak Brewery in Apex.  A friend of mine invited me to join her for a YMCA sponsored run club at Southern Peak (every Thursday at 6:30pm) and I packed up the stroller and away we went.  I have gone almost every Thursday evening since, and have made friends not only with other regular patrons, but the staff and Southern Peak_2owners of Southern Peak as well.  In addition to the awesome food truck rotations, Southern Peak serves gummy bears and popcorn at the bar.  It is truly a neighborhood bar nestled in the Villages of Apex community in Apex, NC off of Highway 64.  However the hospitality and sense of community extends not only to those living there and taking a stroll from their front porch to their local watering hole, people like myself come to enjoy the delicious beer and the rare keg of homebrewed kombucha.  One thing that inspired me to share this gem with everyone else here on the Hunter Rowe blog is how the sense of community and involvement align.  HUNTER in Hunter Rowe is taken from Sir Isaac Hunter’s Tavern.  Mr. Hunter’s hospitality was so appreciated that in 1788 state legislators ordered that the new state capital be no more than 10 miles from his establishment.  This reflects our desire to build and grow lasting relationships with our clients.  The Southern Peak_3owners at Southern Peak Brewery wanted to bring back the tradition of having a local gathering place similar to Sir Isaac Hunter’s.  A brewery located away from the industrial areas where breweries are now typically situated to the traditional neighborhood setting where people can come share a beer and conversation with their friends and neighbors.  My personal favorite beer is the One Mile Round.  It is a traditional Kottbusser German style beer that lost popularity after the Reinheitsgebot Act in 1516 (I told you I was a beer nerd).  This style is made with locally sourced honey and molasses and slightly sweet and most similar to a wheat style ale. The name One Mile Round harkens back to the traditional beer style in that it is only distributed within a one mile radius of the brewery, as it would have been in Bavaria.  


You might not learn the story behind Johnny’s tattoo or that Sarah rescued two feral kittens from the neighborhood in the middle of the night and is currently nursing them back to health the first time you visit, but you’ll be welcomed as a part of their community at Southern Peak and you will be sharing your own stories over a pint in no time. And if you come on a Thursday night after run club, I’ll make sure to welcome you too.