This is what Bill Cobey did for our family! Buying is NEVER easy, especially as a first-time home buyer, unless you have an agent that gives you excellent advice and has the experience needed to get the job done. Bill has been there for us every time and he’s helped many friends that I have sent to him over the years.  When I bought my first home there were a lot of offers and Bill asked me something I don’t think most real estate agents even think of asking, “Do you Love this home?”  “Yes I do!”  Was my response.  “Then let’s get it and here’s how!” were his exact words, and we won the offer!  When we sold that house and moved to our new home it sold for way more than the list price because Bill told me to hold on and let’s see what other offers come in.  Who does that?  A Cash offer came in and Wow, that set us up to buy an even bigger home.  He has always looked out for our best interest and we’re so happy we’ve used him time and time again!

– Rob and Cristina Black

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