College Hunks

College Hunks

The Raleigh franchise of College Hunks is led by owner Steve Roper and Marketing Director Russell Mapfumo. There are currently 142 franchises of College Hunks.


This particular franchise slogan is Value based, Socially Conscious and Tech Enabled Communication.

They both give generously to our community to faith based and socially conscious organizations. Helping others  is a high value to both men.


Steve has held a variety of jobs over his career. He spent 37 years in retail until “his feet gave out” afterwards he spent a couple years looking for the right fit. He could have done consulting work but it was 90-95% travel. When the opportunity came to purchase the Raleigh franchise of College Hunks, he knew it was the right fit. He strives to give clients “white glove service”. They are a regional Mover and help with local moves as well as going 2-3 states out.

He and his wife adopted a baby boy in their 50s who now works in the business as a teenager.


Russell Mupfumo is from London and has the lovely accent to prove it. He also has had a varied career. He currently serves as Marketing Director of College Hunks. A long time pilot he still does some work helping to train and test other pilots.

He and Steve met at Millbrook UMC where they both are active. Russell particularly has a passion for youth. He also at one time ran sound for Hillsongs Darlene Zscheck.


Top tips for Newcomers:

Give time to causes you care about. Work side by side with others. Steve is also heavily involved in Missions – taking the good news of Jesus Christ to the nations. Locally he and Russell help with Family Promise, which is in 450 communities around the U.S.

You can reach College Hunks at: or 1-800-586-5872

Russell’s work email is: