Kim Guided us with her knowledge and wisdom!

I had to ask Kim if I could leave a review and if so, where. She did not solicit for one. This is typical Kim – not pushy yet super supportive.
Kim listened, asked appropriate questions, and guided my partner and me with her knowledge and wisdom. We quickly came to respect her opinion and honesty.
From a client’s perspective her patience seems endless; Kim’s willingness to assist in any way, providing thought-out responses, attention to detail and level of communication is top notch. Working with us may not have been an easy task – we were being very particular. We didn’t need to move but we wanted to, coming from out-of-state. Several times Kim would volunteer to do a drive-by look and made video recordings for us. This was immensely helpful and reduced how many times we needed to come into the area.
Kim repeatedly told us not to move to a house if we didn’t feel it was right for us. Turns out she was waiting for that “aha’ moment… and you know what, she got it! When I called her and told her we liked an open house we attended – she could tell from my wishy-washy voice and responded ‘I will come up and see it”. My response was ‘why?’ But she knew. I proceeded to formulate a contract over the phone with Kim, as we drove to our former home, After that it all went super-fast. We feel we secured an amazing home we will be happy in for years to come… and hey, if not, I know the realtor to use if there is ever a need! I will miss Kim’s periodic contact calls for she would stay in touch throughout the process. Along with her working teammate Carla, they make an amazing duo. Thanks to Laurie ( a now retired realtor) for her recommendation of Kim! Kim also comes with her own set of invaluable referrals! Thanks Kim!! Thanks Carla!

-Donna & John


two happy customers who just bought a home.

Kim is the best!

I purchased a home and Kim helped me out. She did a really amazing job, went above and beyond with what I wanted. She listened to me, she...