Dr. David Martin and Exceptional Chiropractic Care

dr martinMost of the time when you visit the doctor, you go because you have a problem you need addressed.  My situation was no different when I first went to visit Dr. David Martin at Precision Chiropractic in Durham.  I had been suffering from lower back pain that just wouldn’t go away and decided to visit the friendly chiropractor across the street from my office at Hunter Rowe. I thought I would get adjusted a few times and be on my way, like with my past chiropractic experiences, coming back a few months later when the pain or other symptoms presented themselves again.  Instead, I not only felt relief after the first few adjustments, but also received such dramatically different care than what I have experienced in the past with chiropractors, that I gladly returned to see him for preventative care and overall spinal wellness.  Dr. Martin truly takes the time with each patient to review their goals, desires for health improvements, and explains the plan of treatment in a way that is easy to understand and built to truly reflect your personal definition of health.   At Hunter Rowe, we focus on relationships, instead of just transactions, when it comes to home buying, and I knew immediately that Dr. Martin and his staff operate in the same manner.  It is apparent he truly cares and appreciates his clients and strives to give each individual the best care possible.  That is why after countless times hearing the satisfying sound of my joints cracking under his manipulation, I wanted to sit down with him and learn more about his philosophy on wellness and what drives him to continue to provide exceptional service for his clients.

David was a high school wrestler and, needless to say, suffered from a great deal of injuries on the mat. He went to see a chiropractor after conventional care wasn’t helping with his pain and the improvements he gained inspired him to begin working at that chiropractic clinic as a high school student.  He saw transformations daily where conventional medicine had failed, and that inspired him to take a path of lifelong learning in integrative healthcare.  He did consider ministry as a career path and even attended ministry school in addition to chiropractic school but knew that his calling was to help people in another way.

Dr. Martin is a native Northerner, but his family members moved one by one to North Carolina (of course!!) and he soon found himself here in Durham after having a practice in Peru.  While treating patients at his clinic there, he and his wife Karen volunteered at a local orphanage.  Shortly after returning to the states, he and his wife adopted Stephanie, Ivone, Alfredo and Joseph from that orphanage, and now are a family of six and have lived here for 3 years.  One thing Dr. Martin appreciates most about Durham is the broad representation of people.  Although we are smack dab in the middle of some of the top medical facilities in the country, people in the Triangle are receptive to health and wellness instead of simply treating symptoms.  His family also appreciates being involved at Hillside High School, where his children attend.

Dr. Martin believes in living an intentional life and his philosophy on health is that our bodies are meant to be healthy and that it is done by taking action to protect it with movement, nutrition and a properly functioning nervous system.

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