Franklin Gomez Flores

It was a pleasure to interview a great friend of mine, Franklin Gomez Flores, who is an active advocate of community development. He was a prime member on the planning board from 2017-2020 and is now running for Chatham County Commissioner of District 5 in Siler City this coming election. Franklin believes that Chatham County is in need of affordable housing for low to middle income families, better job opportunities or lack there of, and more educational opportunities in schools to allow more diverse backgrounds to achieve the same level of learning. He believed that growth in Chatham County was 2 sided because one side wanted growth and the other side felt the need to keep historical preservation. His level of understanding is to understand how we as individuals in our community can become leaders and develop organizations that will maximize our potential to build more on land. “Land is very valuable and unique” he said and the people who take the time to learn how we can build on land we as a community can economically and socially grow. Franklin assured that people who wanted to come to Chatham County will have a welcoming community to call home and that new development is on the way!