Click on each home selling tip for an in depth explanation!

1. Make buyers fall in love with your home

As a seller, you must understand the mind of the buyer and make buyers fall in love with your home.

2. Make a profit when you sell with smart investments

Visit our “How to Properly Prepare & Stage a House for Sale Guide” to learn more!

3. Do these easy things

These easy, low cost improvements can make a huge difference!

4. Use Temporary Storage Containers

Store clutter in these affordable containers to make your home feel larger.

5. Get your Improvements permitted and inspected

It is always better to get any additions inspected and have necessary repairs completed before putting your home on the market.

6. Price your home realistically

Do not make the mistake of thinking, “I’ll price it high, because the buyer will make a low offer, and we’ll meet in the middle.”

7. Understand how buyers find the home they purchase

Due to oversupply, there are certain places around the Triangle where you can get an excellent deal.

8. Sell your home quickly

If your home is prepared right, priced right, and marketed right, you should be able to sell your home quickly, in any market, to one of these “ready-to-buy” buyers in less than 30 days.

9. Hide the Pets

In our experience, 70% of buyers will not consider buying your home if they see you have a cat.

10. Make Price Adjustments Quickly Based on Showing Traffic

Insufficient showings means your home is overpriced.

11. Be smart about what offer you accept

It is very difficult for a seller to back out of a North Carolina real estate contract, so think carefully before signing on the dotted line and be smart about what offer you accept.

12. If Buying Also, Go For a Simultaneous Close

With a smart strategy, you might be able to have a simultaneous closing, meaning you sell and buy on the same day.

13. Get an experienced, full-service broker and listen to her

Not all brokers perform equally. Ten percent of brokers are responsible for over 80% of all sales in the Raleigh area.