You found your dream home and now you’re ready to buy. While it might seem like many of the factors that go into getting a mortgage loan are out of your hands, there are a few things you can do to speed up the process – or at least not slow it down.

The average time it takes to get a mortgage offer is about 30 days, provided you have all the right information. The key to speeding up this process is being prepared.

Document your finances

Save your money in your bank account, and keep track of any large deposits in the bank. Be prepared to explain any unusual deposits, even a cash gift from Dad. My advice – don’t put any large deposits in your checking account when you are trying to buy a home, especially if it’s something you can’t prove.

Watch your spending

You shouldn’t make any major purchases when you’re trying to get a home loan if you want to make the process easy. Don’t apply for new loans or credit accounts until after closing. If that’s not an option, discuss it with your lender first.


I recently had a home close in just 15 days, however it’s not always a good idea to rush the process. A mortgage is likely the biggest financial decision you will ever make, so spend some time checking the details and buy your dream home when you feel ready.