How to Prepare & Stage a House for Sale

by | Jan 15, 2020

2 Most Important Rooms: Kitchens & Master Bathrooms

Invest in these rooms to get the highest return. Throughout years of working with buyers when asked about their favorite and least desirable aspects of home, we’ve found they typically mention at least one of these rooms. Home builders splurge here so when buyers are looking that is what they desire in a resale home as well.

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Create SYNERGY by taking away all things that make buyers hesitate with updating the paint and flooring.

These two elements are essential to create a “move-in ready” property. Fresh paint and updating your flooring to eliminate old, dirty carpet and refinishing hardwoods gives an overall new sense to the home, making it feel larger and more inviting.




Now, complete these simple things to best display the product to the market.

De-clutter. The less stuff around, the easier it is for a potential buyer to appreciate all elements of your home. Use professional stagers to provide strategically placed market friendly items which bring warmth and draws buyers to see more.

Landscape to boost curb appeal. Flowers, new mulch, and simple cleaning create an ideal first impression.

Once everything looks amazing, be sure that potential buyers see it as well. Have a professional quality photographer take bright, well-composed photos to use online where many buyers will first see your home.





Why Prepare Your Home For Sale?

We have witnessed a buyer considering two identical homes on the same street, in the same neighborhood, with identical lots, and pay $15,000 more for the one that spent $750 properly preparing the home for sale. We have seen homes sit on the market for a year, then sell in 30 days (at a higher list price) after a few small adjustments to improve the buyer perception of the home.

  • To sell your home for highest price in the shortest amount of time by making buyers fall in
    • Proper preparation and home staging emphasizes and adds elements with which buyers will fall in love, and fixes or removes issues that will cause them to hesitate.
  • To make you a profit when selling your home with a few smart investments
    • Depending on your neighborhood, price point, and home size, our suggested improvements will generally produce at least $2 or more in increased sales price for every $1 you invest. And anything that increases your home value will also reduce your “days-on-market.”


  • By partnering with a professional staging company.
    • Services Include:
      • Free Home Consultation
      • Home Staging
      • Project Management
  • By constantly gathering market data & watching trends to stay current on buyer preferences.



Measuring Days on Market

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