Mike Regan, Hunter Rowe Real Estate Agent Raleigh NC with Realtor Tabitha WhitlockIt’s amazing what Hunter Rowe is doing. They are literally changing the way homes are sold in the real estate industry. Their process for listing homes gives their sellers a big advantage over the competition.

Prior to real estate, Mike spent 14 years as a management consultant at Kodak, Ernst & Young, and Everest Consulting Group. In the almost 10 years since then, he has applied cutting-edge process improvement techniques to residential real estate, and the results they are achieving for clients are incredible.

Hunter Rowe has developed a unique approach for not only understanding how to prepare a home to attract buyers, but also how to accurately calculate the return on investment to sellers for making the right changes.

The results are faster sales at higher prices, often the highest prices in the history of a subdivision. Buyers don’t hesitate to pay a higher price for the home they want.

Hunter Rowe is changing the way real estate brokers are perceived by buyers and sellers, and as a fellow real estate broker, I’m glad for every opportunity to work in partnership with them.

Tabitha Whitlock
Broker/Owner of Whitlock Residential Realty Group