Hunter Rowe was the best decision I could have made

Ashley_bg (1)The moment I decided to dive into the real estate sales world I was terrified. Wanting to make sure I was not a fool, I interviewed at several different firms. All of the other firms sat me down for a 20 minute meeting and immediately offered me the position. The Hunter Rowe interview process was a different story. I could already tell from the organization of the meetings this was the firm from me. I first met with Trinity who went over what Hunter Rowe was all about, then the sales process, and a shadow of agents so I would know exactly what to expect. Right off the bat it made me feel more conformable with my choice.

I can hands down say Hunter Rowe was the best decision I could have made. I can honestly say everyone there is like family to me. Naturally as a brand new agent, I had questions. Lots and lots of questions. At any point in time I could pick up the phone and call any person in the office who would immediately stop everything to help me. Everyone wants you to be the best possible agent and loves to see you succeed. There is no internal competition for clients or secrets of others success. The processes that are put in place and a little bit of structure is exactly what I need. Hunter Rowe listens to everyone’s input to make our firm the best it can possibly be.
Another unique I love about Hunter Rowe is our Client Service Managers! They are all amazing and enable me to have a little bit of a life. My clients always appreciate having someone else to rely on if I am out of town, stuck in meetings all day, or sick.
I am forever grateful and happy for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing and growing company.