Mike Regan Hunter Rowe Real Estate Agent Raleigh NC with Realtor Louise LanthierI do business with Hunter Rowe because my buyers love Hunter Rowe listings. They understand how buyers think and how to prepare a home to get the highest possible price for their sellers.

I analyze a property thoroughly before writing an offer for a buyer, and I consistently find Hunter Rowe listings are priced as high as possible, without being over-priced. If a home is priced even a little too high, buyers (including mine) just skip it, and the property will sit.

My buyers are always asking me during showings, “How long has this house been on the market?” Hunter Rowe knows nothing strengthens a seller’s negotiating power more than low “days-on-market” and that is a big part of his strategy. It works. I tell my buyers the truth: “If you want one of Hunter Rowe’s listings, you need to make a full-price offer TODAY. Or it will be gone.”

I am very comfortable talking with Mike. I avoid dealing with some agents because they are unprofessional. Mike is always very nice and responsive.

Louise Lanthier