Mike Regan Hunter Rowe Real Estate Agent Raleigh NC with Realtor George Wilson Hunter Rowe is known among local real estate agents for selling homes quickly and for list price. They do a masterful job preparing their properties to appeal to buyers’ emotions, so buyers buy quickly and pay the highest possible price.

I always want to negotiate for my clients, but Hunter Rowe properties are already priced correctly. We advise our buyers if they want a Hunter Rowe listing, they need to act fast and make the strongest possible offer.

I go out of my way to show Hunter Rowe properties. For example, if they have a listing in a neighborhood where we have a showing scheduled, we’ll always try to show the Hunter Rowe listing also, because we know our buyers will like it and might make an offer on it (even if it doesn’t meet all their criteria).

Hunter Rowe is a positive, innovative force in our market, and we are grateful for our opportunities to  partner with them to serve our clients.

George Wilson
Founder of Raleigh-Cary Real Estate