James Vose

james vose

James Vose

Vose Stone
Triangle Area
We left New Hampshire in 2000 specifically to relocate to the Triangle and start a granite sales and installation business. I was in the telecom business prior, and when that went bust, we looked at different areas in the US and there was so much construction going on in the Raleigh area that we hedged our bets and BOOM! Here we are 16 years later and loving it! I think by far we love the beaches here most. Holden is our favorite because it represents a true, family friendly beach town, untouched by the huge growth and commercialism of some other beaches. My advice to newcomers is CALL JESSICA HOLLAND! Look around before you buy! There are so many distinct neighborhoods and areas of the Triangle. It’s important to know how the community you choose will best serve you and the lifestyle you’re seeking. Use the Triangle to your advantage and don’t be localized…there is so much to do and see in each city!
My company is Vose Stone. We pride ourselves on enormous selection, fast, dependable and courteous service and beautiful, artistic installations. Being an Army veteran, I pride myself on the care, follow up, honesty, and professionalism I extend to my clients.
My TOP TIPS FOR SUCCESS IN THE TRIANGLE is FOLLOW UP!! Be responsive to your clients and their needs.
1. Tasca Brava Restaurant, Downtown Raleigh (I couldn’t agree more!)
2. The CRAFT BEER Scene, so many breweries, so little time
3. Marbles Kids Museum and IMAX Theater
4. DPAC, Durham Performing Arts Center, for music and theater (I couldn’t agree more!)
5. Jordan Lake for skiing, fishing, and boating

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