Liam is the BEST Realtor Ever!

First I will start off by saying Liam is the BEST realtor ever and this is not me over exaggerating, probably more so under exaggerating. He is not only professional but personable as well. He gets exactly what you want and more! If you are not happy, satisfied or comfortable, he will go the extra mile to ensure you are making the right decisions and when its all said and done you like what you get and more. I did not ever feel pressured into making rash decisions when communicating with Liam. I always felt he was being a straight shooter and giving me the facts I needed to know, in order for me to make a conscious and informed decision.
A little about my unique situation.  I was introduced to Liam in the most bizarre way ever! I had someone who was my insurance agent introduce me to Liam because I was moving from NY to NC (LONG MOVE RIGHT, RIGHT). Liam just happened to be a NC realtor, per my insurance agent and I thought why not give it a try. Prior to this move I had never had to deal with a Realtor and had my suspicions as most do, especially being a first time Home buyer. Before being linked with Liam I had a few conversations with many other local NC realtors. The conversations would start off great then I would rarely hear from them or they wouldn’t even contact me back! So I decided to give Liam a shot and see what would happen. The first initial conversation went well! He was extremely nice and very helpful! He listened to everything I wanted and even helped with suggestions, being I was out of state.
 We literally talked daily prior to me buying my house up until the day I closed. Liam was available ANYTIME I needed him,  with ANY questions! When I say he would answer me at midnight, he would answer me at MIDNIGHT, whether it be text or call! Every unsure step he was right there! Questions with the lenders, lawyers, builders etc. Liam was right there handling it! He truly made the most stressful thing ever not stressful at all! What made it even better was meeting him in person he still had a rock solid personality! I have recommended family and close friends to go to him! Any moves in NC will be via Liam. He still keeps close relations with all his clients! We still text to this day, he will be invited to my house warming and all! I can now say he is more then a realtor, he is truly a great friend. You will not go wrong using this wonderful human being as your realtor! Great company,  will definitely use again. Thanks again Liam!
-Proud new homeowners