Matt and TJ: Impressive Real Estate Duo

We were thoroughly impressed by Matt Minor and TJ Burns knowledge and expertise in real estate, enthusiasm, and helpfulness during our home search process. When we began working with them we had a good idea of what we were looking for, having already owned our first home in the area for some time.  We intended to take our time and did not have high hopes of finding a house within 12 months given frothy market conditions and our somewhat picky list of required features.

At the outset, Matt and TJ took time out of their weekend to sit down with us to go through the home buying and selling process. We were surprised that they would give up part of their Saturday just to orient us, and even more surprised by how helpful it was – not just checking boxes and signing paperwork. We were very pleased with their professional technical knowledge as well as their willingness to answer any and all questions we had regarding how everything was going to work.

Both were very responsive, either by text, call, or email and we always felt that we could reach them with questions at any point during our home search.

When we finally found THE house, Matt would not give up on making our dreams come true, even after we were certain that things had fallen through.  He went above and beyond in extended negotiations with us and the seller in order to come up with a compromise that worked for all sides.

TJ was fantastic in ensuring that all of the documentation and closing went as smoothly as possible, which required careful communication and coordination with us and a wide variety of service providers.  We have rarely had the opportunity to work with someone with such attention to detail and awareness of the need to get ahead of potential issues before they arise.

Beyond their excellent customer service, we found their deep financial expertise in modeling and valuing real estate transactions to be of great help, particularly given some unique features of the property we ended up purchasing (which was for sale by owner without any good comparable recent transactions).

We highly recommend Matt and TJ as real estate agents, as they made the buying of our new home a pleasant and efficient experience.testimonial1


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