Matt Was a Breath of Fresh Air

Matt was a major breath of fresh air for us in purchasing investment property- the process was amazing. We came to Matt to help us find a rental property in Durham – even though we live in California. We interviewed at least ten different agents and had a couple false starts with other agents who didn’t seem very motivated to understand our needs or to move at the speed the Durham market demands. Matt really understands the Durham market and how quickly action is needed to make a deal happen.

More than once Matt was the first agent to see a hot listing and was able to get our offers in before others had a chance to see the property. He is incredibly tenacious without being pushy and genuinely cares about people. Matt does the kind of legwork you hope from a specialist including digging up tax records, identifying potential risks and seeing opportunities before others do. That’s why we were able to get a house in downtown at less than the amount we thought we’d need to pay.

Matt’s experience as an Officer in the Marines seems to help him identify with folks and get to know them quickly. That very personal approach helped a seller who was on the fence feel happy about moving things forward. Matt assembled an amazing team for us and the whole process was enjoyable. That is not the way I would describe my previous experience buying and selling.

The process was amazing and we’re so happy we used Matt. I’m happy to talk to anyone who is thinking of using Matt to share our experiences.

– Marc & Medina


Matt is the ultimate professional!

Matt is the ultimate professional who puts the needs and wants of his clients first! It was such a pleasure working with him and we would...