Mike Regan, Chief Culture Cultivator and Innovation Orator (unofficial title, declared by Kim)

By Kim Blair



Selecting the right place for my real estate career was a bigger effort than I thought. I wanted a place that aligns with my personal values and desire to deliver exceptional service to my clients.  It is an honor to be trusted to help someone buy or sell a home.  It appears that not all agents take this honor to heart.  Unfortunately, this has created a negative image of Realtors. I’m going to do my part to change that perception. Surrounding myself with people who feel the same will help me do just that.

Opportunity to Create Something Special

Mike Regan, founder of Hunter Rowe Real Estate Agents and Advisors, held a variety of roles before entering the real estate profession. Starting a real estate firm was spurred by the realization that there were opportunities for improvement in the efficiency and quality of service delivered to clients.

With work history as an entrepreneur, starting a number of businesses, and holding roles within corporations, Mike has a variety of experiences in innovation and process improvement. This experience helped him see the opportunities that could make this industry better.  He knew he could create a high quality product for the agents and their clients.

What’s in a Name?

As an entrepreneur who craved building something bigger than himself, he knew the name of the organization was something he had to get right. The Hunter Rowe name came out of an intentional effort to capture the spirit of the company. The Hunter component was named after Isaac Hunter.  In 1788 the N.C. state legislators ordered the new capital to be located within 10 miles of Isaac Hunter’s tavern, due to his hospitality and his desire to connect people. This part of the name represents our desire to build lasting relationships.  A. P. Rowe was the founder of Operations Research, using analytical and scientific methods to make better decisions.  His work helped save England from German invasion during World War II by creating radar.  This part of the name represents our approach of gathering data, analysis and the unwavering desire to improve every aspect of the selling and buying process to get the best results for our clients.  Mike loves history and wanted a name with meaning that was consistent with who we are as a company.  I’d say he nailed it!


When asked what he is most proud of, Mike quickly went away from his personal accomplishments to a focus on gratitude. Gratitude is one of the core values of our company.  Mike is grateful for this unique opportunity to potentially change how the industry works.  He is grateful for the people who joined early on, when the model we use today was just an idea. He has created a very special team of people, who make me better every day!

Leadership Philosophy

Get the right people on the team, if you want to do anything great. This is Mike’s leadership philosophy.  You can’t accomplish anything unless you have the right people.  I spoke to a number of agencies when deciding where to work as a real estate broker. Hunter Rowe was very different.  They are intentional about the environment they are creating.  They have cultural values of collaboration, encouragement, and gratitude. Mike’s leadership style shines in this environment. He seeks out other’s ideas; he prioritizes the goals for the company over personal goals and is always thinking about the future. He seeks to find the best path, which helps all of us be successful.

On the Home Front

Mike and his family live in North Raleigh. He loves the friendly, down-to-earth people he has met in the area. They are the kind of people he wants his family and kids to be around. He loves that his home backs up to an undeveloped natural space. Plus, they have a basement which allows the kids to make as much noise as they want. Lastly, Sanderson High School, their local public high school, has been a wonderful place for his kids and family.

My New Work Home

I couldn’t be happier with my decision as to where I am now working as a broker. It already feels like home and I look forward to being a part of what is to come for Hunter Rowe and this exciting industry.