Of course I called John! 

I met John approximately 6 years ago at an open house that he was hosting.  At that time I was selling a property after a divorce and looking for a new property to purchase.  I had only owned 1 property in my adult life at that time and needed to be walked through the process (of selling and purchasing).  John took the time (and immense patience) to answer all of my questions throughout the entire process.  I had 2 dogs and oftentimes, John would go to my home to crate my dogs while I was at work if there were a showing!  He ensured that I sold high and bought low and amazingly figured out a way for me to sell and buy on the same day!  All I had to do was show up!  He made the process so easy and stress free.  I couldn’t have been more impressed.

Fast forward 5 years… I was ready to sell my home.  Of course I called John!  And again, he made the entire process stress-free, and my home was sold within 1 week.  In addition to being an amazing, dogged realtor, John is just an all-around good person.  He cares about his community, volunteering his time and money.  As a former social worker, nurse, and now nurse practitioner it warms my heart to know that the sale of my house benefitted local non-profits organizations.  John is more than my realtor, he is my friend.


Amy Dougherty


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