Paul (Buzz) Bronson

paul bronson

Paul (Buzz) Bronson

Statements In Stone
2616 Gresham Lake Rd, Raleigh 27615

I moved here in November of 1997 after consulting a book, “Places Rated,” that had 354 places in the US rated for all sorts of things. What struck me was the amount of business opportunities in this area. Having been in the building business my whole life, 20 years plus building homes, I thought the area would be great as it was experiencing a building boom then, as it is now. Coupled with the very nice year round climate, my decision turned out to be great for me both on a personal and professional level. My advice for newcomers is to explore the state! North Carolina is a very interesting state with great mountains, beaches, lakes and picturesque country drives. The Farmer’s Market is terrific and if you’re into sports, there is plenty to be active in and be a spectator of. Baseball, hockey, basketball, football, and NASCAR! I would mention though that July and August here are quite hot and humid, so get out if you can!

My company, Statements in Stone, is a hardscape architectural company. We specialize in patios, retaining walls and terraces, but can do anything requiring stone and stonemasonry. I am fortunate that I am pretty good with the designs and can envision the finished product. I treat every job as if it’s in my own backyard and have a real talent for helping people through the design and implementation phases.

My  TOP TIPS FOR SUCCESS IN THE TRIANGLE are to be honest, always operate with integrity, and to provide great service and have a quality product. I like to say, “Don’t always try to hit a home run, it’s better to hit consistent singles.” I think if your price is at, or just below, the market, and you provide excellent service, you’ll do very well in this area.


1. Cococina, Durham

2. Quail Ridge Book Store (I couldn’t agree more!)

3. NCMA, NC Museum of Art (I couldn’t agree more!)

4. Lafayette Village

5. Umstead Park