Perfect Score + Extra Credit

With the start of medical school before me and the beginning of the pandemic along with market volatility on showings homes, I felt unsure my dream of home ownership would come true.  I soon learned I was in excellent hands, I could count on Gigi to battle for me.

Gigi and team Nital were/are absolutely amazing.  They’re a perfect team and compliments each others’ styles. Gigi’s calm, cool and committed demeanor enabled me to believe and trust in her care.  I knew nothing about buying a home, but she helped educate me on real estate vocabulary, strategies in negotiations, and how to eliminate properties through the video tours Gigi made.
I knew I was and am in excellent hands. Our journey definitely doesn’t end here.  Gigi and Nita are my new aunties! I love my first new home.  And, here’s what I know…Gigi has the heart of a teacher, willing to take time, and met me where I was to render an excellent buying experience. I’m so excited to tell everyone and refer to her.  Gigi gets a perfect score + extra credit.
-Harsh Patolia

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