Candace is a true professional in her industry!

I have had sold 3 homes in my life, the first two it seemed to be the same old thing. Hire a realtor, who listed the house and then periodically called you with an update until the sale. So, when we decided to sell our last one that was the expectation on how this was going to be.

After doing some research and some interviews we hired Candace Pia and boy were we in for a big surprise. We didn’t just hire an individual but a whole team of experts who were incredibly passionate about the real estate industry.

Candace sat us down and explained the market, the process. She even came to our house several times to show us little odd and ends we needed to do to make the house more desirable. When we had a question about something and called her, she called us right back with the answer. In my business communication is everything and that’s what I expect and when working with Candace that’s what you received. She worked countless hours to market our home and sold it within 3 days.

We couldn’t be happier and more thrilled for the work she did for us. I would highly recommend Candace and her team to sell you home she made it so easy and educational that I will never use anyone else to either buy or sell a home. She is a true professional in her industry.

-Rick S.


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