Ryan made our house-hunting process seamless

Ryan made our house-hunting process seamless. Not only did he truly want to understand our “wish list” and our ideal location, he fully grasped that this was a *big* step for us and was properly equipped to deal with our questions, comments, and concerns along the way. Ryan kept our budget always in mind, never letting us wander to a place where our bubble would have to be burst eventually… He kept us tethered to the reality that our first house didn’t have to be picture-perfect, it just needed those special aspects that we could make into our own.

Ryan was caring, thorough, and honest with us. After viewing our first property, it was promptly sold and we were disappointed. Ryan was enthusiastic and suggested all the other properties that were out there– encouraging us not to lose heart. With him we were at ease, laughing throughout the entire process and even taking the time to mentally “layout” each home; envisioning each as our own, giving us a more structured understanding when it came time to choose.

After picking the property where we felt most at home, Ryan helped us to land on a solid offer and we were over the moon when it went through. He made the viewing and signing process comfortable and easy. We didn’t think twice after all the care and guidance Ryan provided us during this process. When you work with Ryan, not only do you get a professional who knows his way around the Raleigh market, you also get a friend who is confident and supportive in your endeavors to own a home. Thanks for such a great experience, Ryan!