Sally Mackie is the ideal agent to represent you!

Upon sharing with a family member our two-year plan to move to Canada and sell our home, we received a glowing recommendation for Sally Mackie. Sally, known for her emphasis on relationships, went above and beyond by extending heartfelt gestures like event invitations, delivering Thanksgiving pies, and sending video messages from her phone during Christmas, creating a warm and personalized connection even before we officially became her clients.

When we were ready to kick off the selling process, Sally won us over with a well-thought-out game plan and a dedicated team. Feeling overwhelmed about where to allocate our budget for home improvements, we appreciated Sally’s approach in bringing her team to strategize enhancements to the property to maximize its sales price. Sally clarified what improvements were in demand among buyers and worked collaboratively with us, allowing flexibility for hands-on involvement in the process.

The selling process was seamless – the property was staged, photographed, priced competitively, and under contract in record time. Throughout negotiations, Sally focused on us, providing clear guidance on our options, empowering us with information, and skillfully advocating for our interests without compromising the progress of the sale.

Sally Mackie is the ideal agent to represent you! She brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, and her commitment to building meaningful relationships is clear in her proactive and personalized approach. From thoughtful gestures to a seamless selling process, Sally’s dedication to client satisfaction, strategic planning, and effective negotiation skills make her the agent you can trust to navigate and optimize your real estate journey.

Emilie & Chris – Apex to Canada!


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