Scott really does care about his clients!

Working with Scott was one of the best experiences that we could have asked for when looking for a new house for our growing family. We had first met with him about five years ago before we were serious about moving, just to try to figure out what we were looking for in a new home. Once we found out we were expecting, we decided to get serious because we needed more room than our old ranch would offer. We got back in touch with Scott (who, by the way, emailed us weekly with new homes in the meantime), and we began our search. 

The best part of working with Scott is that there was no pressure at all into putting in an offer. He would usually end the meeting with a ‘talk it over and let me know’. He wouldn’t hound us after the meeting, but instead would wait for us to actually let him know what we wanted to do. I want to mention here that our meetings would usually last a little longer than just looking at the house because we would stay and talk like long lost friends…that’s the kind of genuine relationship Scott builds from the beginning and has kept with us to this day. 

In terms of selling our previous home, that process was even easier. We did not have to do anything at all. He had his photographer show up one day and take a few pictures. Those were posted online and within one day we had a buyer at a price we would have never dreamt of. We couldn’t have asked for a more fair price and we were so happy with his suggestion.

Another reason that we feel so lucky to have found Scott is that no matter what day it is, he is always available and willing to meet. He met with us so many times last minute, and the majority of those times were a Sunday afternoon. To be honest, we felt bad about taking him away from a football game, but he made us comfortable enough that we didn’t hold back. The market was crazy at the time we were searching and we didn’t want to miss a chance at our potential dream home.

That leads me to my final point. We feel that if it weren’t for Scott, we would not be in our current home that is absolutely perfect for us. We followed all of his advice in terms of what to offer and how to really make ourselves stand out against other buyers. His relationship with other realtors helped us in finding our home. He was sure to talk to the realtor that was helping to sell our current house to relay all information to the sellers and we knew we could always count on him for that. Even after all the papers were signed, he still would contact the seller for us with any questions we had and that says a lot about him…he really does care about his clients.

If all I have said here doesn’t make it clear enough, I would highly recommend Scott to anyone that wants to buy a new home. Any questions, concerns, or ideas we had, he would find an answer. He has great relationships with reliable contractors and we hired the people he recommended to have work done. 

I have worked with other realtors in the past, and this is the one and only time that I did not feel any stress in what could have been such a stressful time.

-Matt and Jenelle Saborse