Ashley Gronewald Hunter Rowe Real Estate Agent Raleigh NC with Realtor Kerry Thompson Ashley is an extremely passionate and knowledgeable real estate agent. She makes sure her clients are completely taken care of when they go through the process of building their own home. She does not take her responsibilities as their agent lightly.

She makes sure they understand what they are purchasing as well as the potential return on investment they can expect with their puchase. She is there every step of the way with her clients. She knows the market and what is important for resale value of a home so she always consults her clients on the smartest investments to make in building a new home.

She is responsible, timely and a pleasure to work with. If there is an opportunity for negotiation, there is no doubt, Ashley will find it for her client. They will not miss out on anything because she walks them through the process step by step.

– Kerry Thompson