Back in 1788 the North Carolina HUNTER is from Isaac Hunter, who owned the historic Isaac Hunter’s Tavern (originally located on the current site of the Hilton Hotel on Wake Forest Road, just north of inner beltline). Isaac’s hospitality was so appreciated that in 1788 the North Carolina state legislators ordered the new state capital be located within 10 miles of his establishment. This part of our name represents our desire to build lasting relationships with our clients and those who have referred us to their family, friends, and neighbors

Isaac Hunter Tavern Sign

ROWE is from the British scientist Albert Percival (“Jimmy”) Rowe (1898-1976)the founder of Operations Research, defined as “the discipline of applying analytical and scientific methods to make better decisions.”  As the Director of Scientific Research for the Royal Air Force (RAF) during World War II, A.P Rowe’s team of scientists literally outsmarted Hitler’s overwhelmingly superior forces, and saved England from otherwise certain invasion.

British Bombers

This part of our name represents our approach of “working smart”: researching, questioning, and improving every aspect of real estate, to give our agents the best systems in the real estate industry for delighting clients and building a great career with the freedom to enjoy their lives.