Not all brokers perform equally. Ten percent of brokers are responsible for over 80% of all sales in the Raleigh area. As of this writing, the average “days-on-market” for sold listings in the Raleigh area is 37 days, but some of the best agents are averaging in the single digits.

A tough real estate market is a “professional’s market”. Some may think that since we are in a seller’s market, it’s “easy” to sell a home creating a misconception is that “any” agent can get the job done. This misconception is why some sellers are leaving $$$ on the table! In the Triangle, the average original list price to sales price has risen by .5%!!  This equals an increase in Price Reductions! When a listed home needs a price reduction, it was either under-prepared or overpriced. This means the seller is leaving money on the table!

A busy, experienced agent is by far the best qualified person to calculate an accurate fair-market-value for your home. He works with buyers and sellers all the time, and has his finger on the pulse of the market. Good agents have ongoing, productive relationships with other good agents, and can get them to bring buyers to your home.

Find a good agent and listen to her. She might upset you in the beginning when she tells you the truth about your home and the market, but she knows that is better than upsetting you every day for six months while your home sits unsold.

A good agent knows how to negotiate the best price for you. He will prove it to you by sticking to his commission rate when you meet him. If he does not believe in himself enough to charge his full commission, then you should not believe in him either. Just tell him to get to work and earn it. Real estate brokerage is like any other business. You get what you pay for, and paying less will cost you more in the end.