New Home Construction Questions to Ask

Whenever you are thinking of buying a new construction home, you have the peace of mind of knowing you will be the first owners. However, even new construction comes with a list of questions you should consider.

After working with countless builders, agents, and home buyers, Hunter Rowe has created a New Home Construction Questionnaire that we think all new construction buyers should consider. Here are a few examples from that list:



The first thing you will want to know is specific information about the neighborhood. Is it located near any retail or other centers you frequent, or will any be built nearby soon? Is there any other construction going on around your neighborhood, and if so, for how long? Will your development be completed by your move in, or will you be surrounded by other houses under construction? Has a HOA been established, and what are the fees and requirements that brings? You may find a floor plan and location you love, but if the HOA isn’t right for you, you’ll want to know as soon as possible.


Things to Consider When Buying a New Construction HomeOk, you have your neighborhood checked out, and it looks great! They have a pool, your floor plan is awesome, and its right around the corner from Target. But not all areas in that neighborhood may be right for you. Make sure you pick the right lot! Is it near the retention pond? Will your floor plan work on the lot you want to build on? How much space is there between you and your neighbor? How steep will the driveway be? Is it an interior lot, or is it along the outer edge? Is it being presented as a “premium lot”?  What makes it “premium”?



Now its time to start making that house into a dream home. Ask your agent what upgrades are available. Is it possible to alter the floor plan? Can you do custom landscaping, or is there set criteria (NOTE; be sure to check your HOA on this as well!)? Is there a model I can see that will show me the upgrades? Which are the most popular in this neighborhood right now?


BUILDERSThings to Consider When Buying a New Construction Home

You can have a perfect location, amazing floor plan, and custom features that really will make your new home shine, but you still need to be sure of the quality of the builders! Ask who the builders are, and if the same group is doing all the houses. If not, why not? Who will be building MY home? Check the reputations of any builders, just to be sure you are getting what you are paying for!



Finally, you want to get all the information you can on the included new home warranty. What does it cover? How long does it last? One year? Two, Three? Does the coverage change over time? Also if you are think you may sell before the warranty expires, is it transferrable to the new owner?




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