Valerie Hurley

Home Preparation Specialist

Valerie is fully committed to being the best she can be to help you through the often stressful process of buying or selling your home. She is willing to work long hours, constantly improve, and go above and beyond to satisfy the needs of her clients.

Having moved several times over the years, with residency in four states, Valerie understands how important it is to find a special place to call home. She also knows how time-consuming and challenging it can be without the right professional support. Valerie has a stellar reputation for her attentive hands-on guidance and timely response to each client’s needs and concerns, which help ease the transition and streamline the transaction.

A native of Michigan, Valerie graduated from the University of Dayton in Ohio with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. She and her college sweetheart Ryan, now her husband, moved to Raleigh, NC in 1993 to enjoy some warm weather and stayed there 13 years. After a brief residency in Melbourne, FL by the beach, they returned to Raleigh with a full appreciation of the area’s overall beauty and wonderful people. “We feel so blessed to live here. That’s how I want my clients to feel when we find their new home!”

Now married over 26 years, Valerie, who grew up in a large fun-loving family of eight, is the proud parent of three wonderful children. With a brother with special needs, The Special Olympics has always been near and dear to her heart. In her free time, Valerie loves the escape of a great book, the creativity of baking, and peacefulness of long walks with her dog, Finley.