We quite literally could not have done it without you, Laura!

Communication & Timing were two big pieces for us. We never had to worry about not receiving a response from Laura or lapsing on a deadline. We consider this a pretty basic need, but also absolutely crucial and we were very happy that we could count on Laura whenever we had a question, appointment, or anything else. Another huge piece for us was Accuracy. As first time home buyers we were getting a lot of information from all different sources, but we had no experience and minimal visibility/knowledge of the Triangle area. We were very pleased that the information you provided us was always reliable, clear, and easily corroborated, from the time it takes from starting the search to closing on a home, to the required steps, to evaluating prices and making offers. Finally, the piece was Understanding. We weren’t always totally sure what we wanted or how to find our new home, but we felt like you and the team were very good at understanding our situation and needs, and adapting to help us out. Especially since we were moving internationally! Thank you to Laura & her team [Heather Yost] for their support and guidance throughout the whole process. We quite literally could not have done it without you!
-Alex Nisetich & Meriam Fatnassi


I never felt pressured!

Buying a home can be overwhelming due to all the information during the process. I genuinely appreciated the education and counsel that...