Our home buying journey started a few months prior to finding Tara. We were first time buyers from out of state, with very little understanding of this market. We had gone as far as laying out our priorities, but could not find the level of engagement we wanted with our previous agent. We were shopping for a new construction in a very challenging and competitive market. Building costs were on the rise and builders didn’t want to commit to dates and prices until they had nailed down most of the development. We were not even equipped with the right vocabulary to understand the nuances of the home buying process.

As soon as Tara came into the picture things got considerably easier. She was much more effective than we had been getting answers from builders and was extremely patient with our lack of experience. I’m not sure how she could cope with our silly questions and find the grace to explain each little thing multiple times. But she did it, and in a way that made it seem she wasn’t bothered by it.

Tara was our eyes and ears in North Carolina. We were 3,000 miles away and Tara managed to make us feel close the whole time. She visited multiple properties, took pictures and videos and, what’s even more important, gave her honest impressions along the way. When we finally found our house, we could feel genuine excitement in her voice. When rewatching the video today, we could see how she had that “this is it!” moment on our behalf when she first visited.

After securing a deal with the builders, Tara came back several times to keep tabs on the construction progress. She also found us an excellent mortgage broker and closing attorney, which made everything easier. Mary, who is part of Tara’s team, was also very helpful and provided swift assistance whenever we needed.

We feel very lucky to have met such great people and wouldn’t change a single thing if we had to do it all over again.


Tara is the Ultimate Professional!

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