Why You Should Preview a Home before Scheduling a Home Showing

 Jennifer Spencer - Home 1One of the most exciting aspects for my clients in the home buying process is seeing a house for the first time.  It’s the anticipation of “Does this home look as good or better than the pictures?” or “Could this be the one?”.  Unfortunately, too often when we drive up to a home, we see the curb appeal is not there. How disappointing and frustrating!

I was recently showing a client some homes in the Wake Forest area.  We pulled up to the last home on the list and there was an electrical substation in the lot right beside the home, which was an immediate turn off. As we departed, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit let down on behalf of my client.  We eventually found a wonderful home, but with a little more preparation and research, it could have been sooner.

Before we schedule a showing we encourage our clients to drive by the house in the listing. I know your time is important, but the last thing I want my clients to go through is the process of scheduling a home that would have been eliminated with a simple drive by. In the end, NOT previewing the properties gives us less time viewing the homes that are genuine possibilities. Remember, in today’s market any delays could mean you lose out on the opportunity to put in an offer before the home is sold.


Moral of the story:

Drive by in advance of scheduling the showing.  It will help you find that perfect home faster and save some heart ache!