You get what you pay for!

Making the decision to put the house on the market was the most difficult decision, all the rest Sally Mackie made easy!  I’ve worked with many agents over the years including discount brokers and my friends said why pay an agent in this market?!  I tell them … you get what you pay for!  It depends on what you want to get out of it!

A lot of people are scared off by 6%, when you look at what you take away from the table it is well worth it!  We got Sally’s whole team … listing, staging, marketing, pricing and Sally’s wealth of market knowledge and negotiating skills!  The process was easy, all we needed to do was get out of the way.  Sally had her team evaluate the property, make suggestions (that by the way gave quite an ROI), manage the project to bring the home to market.  The profit we made more than covered the fees! 

The home went on the market and we received not 1, not 2 but 3 offers with very acceptable terms!  It didn’t take long because the house was prepared properly.  This is business, you want the biggest bang for your buck and Sally will do that!

I would use Sally again and would highly recommend her too!  She and her team are to the point, very responsive and well worth any percentage that is being asked. You will get your money back – I can say this from first hand experience.  


Jim Mustard, Raleigh

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