Yvette is a professional, resourceful, honest, and caring Realtor!

I am delighted with my first home. It would have been harder to buy a house without Yvette’s help. I was looking for a property near Cary while I knew no one there. I got to know Yvette, and she helped me until the closing like my family. I visited the town several times by myself, and Yvette was the one who welcomed me and invited me to a brunch and her family event. 

I felt comfortable sending offers because Yvette always discussed her ideas, insights, and resourceful information about the house with me before we moved forward. She took care of everything as if she bought her own home.

She also has great interpersonal skills, which is critical in this competitive housing market. I believe her ability to build a good rapport with seller’s agents, inspectors, lenders, handyman, and all other professionals would be a great help for anyone buying/selling a home.

Yvette is a professional, resourceful, honest, and caring realtor who I want to recommend to everyone.

– Soomin Kim