Our friend Amber Lehman has set a new record today for Hunter Rowe by becoming a top producer (selling $10M) in her first year in real estate!! When asked HOW she did that, she said “Actually I was nervous about setting a first-year goal of $5M… but Mike Regan said ‘Of course you can do that!’, then I just followed the system 100%. Like everyone, I started with some advantages and challenges. I had a great sphere of influence, but also I had to be out for surgery and then several weeks of recovery when it hurt to talk! I was also tired from my previous career and needed a significant amount of downtime. But the biggest advantage is the systems and support at Hunter Rowe… the BIGGEST of which is being SO SUPER BLESSED with the incredible licensed CSMs who have partnered with me! Thank you HEATHER for being my real estate teacher, encourager, and friend!  And thank you MICHELLE, TANK, CARRIE, MORIA, IAN, KATIE, KENDALL, MARY, AMANDA, AND OF COURSE Katie and LID for successful listings and the MENTORING and ADVICE shared so generously by the top producers and BICs at Hunter Rowe, AND our amazing marketing team and leadership team, and ALICIA for keeping my accounting straight! I’m grateful that the built in support team at Hunter Rowe allows me to seamlessly “staff my weaknesses” and frees me to do the parts of real estate where I excel and that I love doing AND allows me to have an amazing work-life balance! I’m humbled by God’s unshakable mercy to me to have this amazing career serving my beloved friends and family. 


I’m grateful for everyone at Hunter Rowe, and now I love helping new agents learn the system.”