Arjun Rajaratnam

by | Sep 30, 2015

Arjun Rajaratnam

Arjun Rajaratnam

Chief Compliance & Risk Officer,

Smith & Nephew

I moved to the Triangle from Los Angeles in 1992 for a job opportunity in Chapel Hill. I live in the Brier Creek Country Club because it’s close to the airport. That’s important to me. We also have friends who live throughout the Triangle, and we can get to them easily from here.

There is a reason why this area of the country is consistently ranked in the Top 10 Best Places to Live. People here are living a good life! The cost of living is very reasonable, there’s minimal traffic, there’s plenty of space, excellent schools and universities, world class restaurants, and the climate is wonderful. The challenge in the Triangle is that there are so many good options in terms of where to live. Take your time and do your homework. Find the little jewels out there and locate a diamond in the rough.

I work for Smith & Nephew, a global medical device company. We’re dedicated to improving people’s lives through orthopedic reconstruction, sports medicine, and advance wound management. I’m responsible for establishing programs to help employees comply with legal requirements and risk management.

My top tip for success is to have a positive attitude. That is what people will remember about you and it’s what gets you promoted! My favorite thing to do in the Triangle is attend local college sporting events, like NC State football and basketball games. My favorite restaurant is Nana’s in Durham.


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