Q: I’m answering questions that I often get for my sellers before listing their home in this question is will you do an open house 

A: And generally speaking we don’t do an open house. And  it’s not because we don’t want to, but because we haven’t found them to be an effective way of selling your home. We put a lot of research into doing things that have proven to be effective to sell your home and this just isn’t one of them. Generally speaking, open houses are for listing agents to meet new buyers that they can help buy other homes, not yours. So again not effective for our sellers and sso we’ve just opted not to do them. Also most of the time this is just your nosy neighbors or buyers that we call “Looky Loos”, that are not serious, they haven’t even talked with a lender, they don’t have an agent. And aren’t even planning on buying for another 6 months to even a year. Serious buyers have an agent that can schedule showing at their convenience and it’s generally not during a 2-hour window that may not be the best for them. Statistically speaking homes sell at an open house just 1% of the time.  This is just not enough evidence for us to ask you to be out of your home for a 2 hour period on a weekend. We would rather give a buyer their own private showing with their agent at a time that works for them. Honestly open houses are not even needed in our market. Serious buyers are working with an agent schedule a showing as soon as your home goes on the market and we often have multiple offers within a few days. So the short answer is no we probably won’t do an open house, but you will realize it’s not necessary, and your neighbors don’t really need to get into your house. And we really don’t need the Looky-Loos in there just putting more traction on your carpet. We’d rather it be serious buyers working with the lender and an agent that are ready to buy now and those buyers will schedule a showing with their agent during the time that we have it listed. And usually like I said your home should be under contract within a week, so this is plenty of time for an agent and their buyer to get in there and make a competitive offer for you. So this time we’ll go ahead and skip open houses for now.

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