Bianca was a dream to work with and a true partner in the process!

We listed our house with Bianca this past summer. We’ve bought and sold a lot of houses over the years and what I loved about Bianca is that she didn’t over promise and she over delivered. During our first meeting she was very thorough and thoughtful about our timeline, pricing and helping us navigate selling our house while we both worked at home with a senior dog. We had very clear expectations of the process and there was no guess work.

I loved how well connected she is with her vendors. We had a few things that needed fixing and with her connections the jobs got completed quickly and reasonably priced. Best part is that she also helped with getting in touch with the vendors so it didn’t take up a ton of our time. She made great recommendations on getting the home prepped.

I wasn’t too keen on staging the house as we still needed to live in it and I didn’t really understand what staging entailed. I have had a realtor stage a home in the past and it was little tweaks here and there and didn’t really make a difference or aid in the sale of the home. Bianca’s team knew exactly what they wanted to make the home look its best and boy did they do an amazing job. I have no doubt that this staging helped us receive 3 offers in the first weekend, all over asking price.

Bianca was a dream to work with a true partner in the process. If you are looking to sell or buy, highly recommend her.

-Kim and Allard V.