bob and kristi McKeown

Bob & Kristi McKeown

Owners of BURN Athletic

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I moved to the Triangle in 1982 in pursuit of a job opportunity, while Kristi moved here in 1993 for grad school and to be closer to her parents who had relocated here. We both fell in love with the area and can’t imagine living anywhere else. North Hills, where we live, is great for families. Our son can walk to school and we have easy access to museums, restaurants, and shopping, as well as the beautiful Greenway!

My advice for newcomers is to spend time in downtown Raleigh. Exploring by car or foot you get to see so many hidden “pearls” throughout downtown.

As owners of BURN Athletics, we believe that achieving wellness and fitness should be an experience combining the mind, body, and community. Our philosophy starts by offering the most effective classes with the best instructors in a beautiful studio, which allows you to leave the stress behind and focus. From yoga to circuit to cycling, we offer more than 250 classes. Sign up for one free week of classes and try all our offerings, meet our team, experience the community and celebrate your fitness goals.

My top tip for success is to believe if you tell yourself you can, then you will. Surrounding yourself with the best team possible is also critical for success. Our favorite thing to do in the Triangle is to spend time with our son and volunteer within the community. And, of course, taking and teaching classes at BURN. Our favorite restaurants are Chuck’s, Vivace, and Midtown. The list goes on and on… How wonderful to live in a city with so many great options!

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