I love reading books. I listen to most books downloaded to my iPod from audible.com, but if I’m trying to learn I read them on my Kindle app on my phone so I can highlight and take notes. I love history, and anything highly recommended by a friend. Below are some of my favorites from my family’s book list that I highly suggest.

I try to read anything Jackson or Julia is reading for school because it’s fun to talk to them about it. Just finished Where the Red Fern Grows, a book Julia read for school, but by the time I finished it she couldn’t talk to me about it because the ending was too sad. We read Number the Stars before that.  Jackson and I recently both read The Giver.  Good books. A lot better than The Scarlet Letter, which my English teacher made me rea

Book Red Fern   Book Number the Stars

The best history books I’ve read have been by, or about Winston Churchill.  He was a great leader, and an even better writer.  History of the English Speaking Peoples (actually a series of books) is incredibly interesting. The way he wrote is beautiful — many times I would stop and say “Stacey, let me read this sentence to you … isn’t it amazing?”  Manchesters’ biography of Churchill (another series), The Last Lion, is incredible. Unfortunately the author died before writing the third of the three books.  I couldn’t bring myself to read the last volume by a different author (yet).

Books History of the English Speaking Peoples


Anything by Paul Johnson, Barbara Tuchman, or David Howarth is great & typically included on my book list. The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich is an very interesting book — the way Hitler came to power is definite proof that truth is stranger than fiction.

History of Christianity       Guns of August   Book 1066   Waterloo   Book Rise and Fall


Biographies are great for learning about how people think and accomplish great things.  Here are several I enjoyed very much:

Charlemagne    Autobiography of Ben Franklin    Henry Clay   Truman   Eisenhower


A couple interested biographies below. Sammy Hagar sat at the pool bar the entire week during our South Beach vacation a few years ago, so I had to read Red.  Anthony Bourdain is funny, irreverent, and very interesting.

Red Sammy Hagar   Kitchen Confidential


A selection of other books I thought were very good:

The Perfect Mile    Enders Game    Shadow Divers    Shantaram       Art


Almost every morning Stacey and I have read the same book together. I read some books out loud, which Stacey likes if I hold the book she can see the words (probably making sure I don’t make things up). We started 10 years ago with The Bible (NIV version) and read all of it, two chapters at a time. It took 2-1/2 years, but we did it!  (We read the actual book then, now we use the Tecarta Bible app on my phone). We read it out of order and just kept track of what we finished. We’ve read a lot of books together since then.

Book Tecarta Bible


What is the one of your favorite books from your personal book list?  Have you added a new one recently?