Brandon McEachern

Brandon McEachern

Manager, Iron Tribe Fitness


I moved to the Triangle in March, 2013 after living in Georgia all my life. I moved for a career opportunity with Iron Tribe Fitness. I hadn’t been to North Carolina before moving here, so I chose to live in the North Raleigh based on a coworker’s recommendation. Having lived here a year, I can say that I really like the area. Now that I’m settled, I want to look for opportunities to volunteer and support the local community. My advice to newcomers is to take advantage of all the Triangle has to offer. There is such a mix of activities that there is something for everyone. Downtown Raleigh has the city life and the surrounding areas offer a wide range of great parks.

I am the manager at Iron Tribe Fitness in North Raleigh. Our strategy is unique to the gym/club world. We offer our members a way to transform their lives through fitness, fun, and friendship. Many people stop exercising due to the monotony of their fitness regime. At Iron Tribe we have team workouts that last 45 minutes and each workout is always different. We utilize a functional fitness approach that translates into strengthening your body to support you in your everyday life. We offer a free consultation if you are interested in hearing more about our unique approach to transforming your life. Contact me at 919-610-4300 or visit our website:

My top success tip is to be a credible individual; make sure you walk your talk. My favorite thing to do in the Triangle is to take my dog, Tucker, on long walks in Umstead State Park or at Shelley Lake Park. Tucker is a chocolate lab who, like me, loves the outdoors. My favorite restaurants are The Pit Authentic Barbecue and Caffe Luna for their lasagna. Both restaurants are located in downtown Raleigh.


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