Chris Evans

chris evans

Chris Evans

Entrepreneur in Residence at the

Blackstone Entrepreneur Network


I moved to the Triangle in 1980 when my dad took a new job here. We arrived just before I started high school and I was part of the very first class to attend Enloe Magnet School. I did miss all the snow days, but not the cold. The town in New York, where I’m from, would routinely get several feet of snow. While it was my parents’ decision to move here, I’ve made many decisions to stay here. I love how easy it is to make friends here, and the wide range of science and technology being advanced in our area.

My advice for newcomers is to take advantage of how close we are to the beach and mountains.

I serve as an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Blackstone Entrepreneur Network. I work with local universities to help emerging high-tech companies meet their potential. Recently, I worked with a startup developing water treatment technologies from renewable resources.

I also teach a class at Trinity Academy of Raleigh called Forum where we explore a range of ideas and issues. You are welcome to sit in on one of my Forum classes at Trinity Academy. I meet with the entire high-school class and visitors are common. Contact Trinity Academy at 919-786-0114.

My top tip for success is to be able to grow and to maintain trust. These factors determine much of your success and ability to resolve problems. My favorite thing to do in the Triangle is to go to NC State football and basketball games, and the theater.My favorite restaurants are Paparazzi and St. Jacque’s in North Raleigh, Second Empire downtown, and (of course) the iconic Angus Barn.

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