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With all the talk around our nation’s new tax bill, I thought it would be nice to introduce you to a local accounting firm that can help you figure it all out!  Denise, Sharon, and Joanne of DSJ Accounts, have a collective experience of over 75 years and pride themselves on taking exceptional care of their clients.  When I asked Sharon and Denise what really motivates them to go to work each day, they both were quick to answer that it’s their clients.  “Our clients are like our extended family.  We have been working with many of them for years, and we love putting the puzzle together to save them time and tax dollars.”

I can relate deeply to their business model of focusing on client service first, as I share this same philosophy in my Real Estate Practice with Hunter Rowe.  It is just a better way to work when you put relationships first and foremost.  Especially in a service profession like accounting and real estate. DSJ accounts primarily work by referral as I do, so consider this article an endorsement and give them a call.

Sharon and Denise both are local natives of Durham County and have loved living in our area.  Why have they loved living here, you ask?? Well, like most of us, they love that both the beach and the mountains are only a few hours away–and who can ignore the intense rivalries we have when it comes to college basketball!  (You will have to call them yourself to see which team they support…I’m not touching that one!)

They have enjoyed watching the revitalization of Durham and the surrounding areas over the years, as have many business clients they do payroll for.  “We have a unique area, enjoying a wonderful combination of economic growth, cultural diversity, mild weather, all while being centrally located in the fantastic state of NC!

When I asked Sharon and Denise if they had any “free advice” with the new tax laws coming in 2018:  “Do not buy anything, –not a  home, rental property, or take money out of your retirement plans without speaking to an accountant first. Know the situation before you create one.”  I like that advice and would agree!

True North Carolina local businesses that work by referral and put client care and service above all else… now that is the kind of business I always love to recommend, and DSJ Accountants fits my criteria!  Give them a call, and tell them I sent ya!