Embracing Your Element

by | Feb 2, 2018

As a Realtor, my office is often the first place a new referral meets me.  It is important that my clients feel right at IMG_2419home in a warm and inviting space as we help them with buying or selling their home.  As I was getting ready to choose new decor I reached out to a good friend and client who is one of the “craftiest” people I know. You can find my friend Jessica transforming her grandpa’s old printing press into an “air garden” or creating beauty out of wood in her  workshop.  I knew that she was the perfect person to point me in the right direction. Lo-and-behold she had the perfect recommendation! She introduced me to her neighbor who happens to be one of her favorite local artists!

I reached out to Jesse’s neighbor, Susie, of Susie Silver Art.Business Card

Susie invited me to come tour her studio and learn more about her art and how she started her business.  She has been a visual art teacher at Cary High for 15 years. After years of trying different traditional mediums, Susie shook5. Diptych Duo Blue off what was “expected” of her and found what I think is her calling! I had never seen something like what Susie makes.  My first exposure to her work was the beautiful photos I saw on social media, but I was blown away when I experienced them in person.  Susie’s ability to manipulate her pieces using minimal tools is impressive. She creates most of her pieces by hand and the results are stunning.  She has an ability to emote emotion, movement, and beauty in each unique piece she creates.  After spending just an hour with Susie I knew that her art was destined for my walls! You can tell she must be a great teacher because she was patient with all my questions about how she creates her works. She’s also a good listener and will consult with you to create custom pieces to compliment your personal style.


Susie’s an incredibly gifted artist and  is impressively humble about her work.  If you have the opportunity to meet her you will see that she lights up when sharing her adventure with you. You too will be drawn in by both her glittering world of swirling colors as well as her sparkling personality.

10. Warmth

Supporting local businesses is personally meaningful to me as a small business owner in the Triangle.  Check out her work here https://www.susiesilverart.com/

Follow Susie’s Facebook page and you can see where her art is going to be showcased as well as classes she is teaching!



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