This year I have been so greatly because with the help of my great assistants, I have been able to really enjoy the summer, sun! Last weekend, my family and I were lucky enough to be able to pack up for some family fun in Wrightsville Beach before the summer comes to an end.

We always pack a fresh lunch so we can spend the entire day on the beach. Our favorite spot in Masonboro Island, a small island about 5 miles off the Southeastern coast of Wrightsville accessible by boat and ferry. I recently learned that it is the largest undisturbed barrier island in southern North Carolina, which makes sense since that is exactly my family’s favorite part! We love being in our own little world, completely surrounded by nature. I find something about the fresh air and water so extremely relaxing and calming.

Once we arrived at Masonboro Island, I stayed with the children and we dug for clams and soaked up the sun while the men went out fishing in our boat. Check out how many clams we got this last time! Sometimes if we catch enough, we cook our fresh catch for lunch.


On our most recent trip we also took out the jet skis and Tiffany, my daughter, drove.

Tiffany Nguyen Christine Nguyen's daughter enjoying family fun in Wrightsville Beach on the Jetskis

The best part about fishing at the beach is fishing for sting rays, at least according to Jimmy, my husband. Catching one can be such a long battle back and forth, man vs. fish, which makes it quite an accomplishment. Sometimes you have to have 2 or 3 guys taking turns reeling so one person doesn’t get worn out. One time it took Jimmy 45 minutes to reel in a sting ray!

All-in-all, it was another great day trip to Wrightsville Beach.  Being able to drive down for fun family in Wrightsville or a number of many other places, and drive back in the same day is one of the many great things about Raleigh.  The city’s central location makes so many NC day trips not only feasibly, but also affordable!

What is one of your favorite NC Day Trips?