I LOVE Raleigh, but Stacey and I have always thought it would be amazing to live in NYC for a month. We tried it as a family for a long weekend and we will definitely be going back for more visits. This is the view from our hotel (picture by Julia) at Times Square. Seemed like the right place to stay for our first family visit, crowded and crazy but fun.

The highlight was lunch at the Olive Tree in Greenwich Village.


Julia’s “best meal I ever had in my life”. Hey, it’s vacation, she can order what she wants!  We had a drawing contest during lunch. Jackson and mommy always win drawing contests.

Mommy Olive Tree Art


Breakfast at “Egg” in Brooklyn. Julia not a big fan of Brooklyn, she thought it was scary. But wow what a great breakfast!

 Family Breakfast at Egg in Brooklyn


Another drawing contest of the flower on the table. Mommy beat us again. Jackson DNP.

Mommy Egg Flower Drawing     Julia Egg Flower Drawing      



Walked back to Manhattan on the Brooklyn Bridge.  Julia did these “needle” things all over NYC. It’s a cheerleading thing.


The kids were tired out so we locked them securely in the hotel room with a movie and headed back out to … Greenwich Village. We love that place. Great for wandering in and out of lots of fun restaurants and having an appetizer here, a drink there, so fun.


Dinner at “Cuba”.



Can’t wait to return with friends. Defintely will say in GV next time.